Never stop learning

We are, hopefully, always learning. When you welcome a dog into your life, you are greeted with another being that you may not always understand. You may wonder why your dog constantly barks, why your new little puppy won't stop peeing in the house, or just what exactly is your dog (or the neighbours' dog) trying to tell you. Don't worry - there are answers.

Click It Right! Dog Training offers two styles of seminars: seminar classes and hosted seminars. Both styles are fabulous opportunities to learn something new, talk with others about dogs, and have some fun along the way.

Seminar Classes (People Only)
Seminar classes are another unique aspect of Click It Right! Dog Training. While we do have short discussions during classes and labs, learning while trying to keep your dog entertained can be difficult. Seminar classes were created to help solve that problem. Moreover, these classes are for anyone - whether you have a dog or not - who is interested in learning more about dogs. They are offered as opportunities to learn new concepts and enhance ideas learned in class. Seminar classes are generally 30-minute presentations - some are single-time seminars while others run in conjunction with classes. Most topics are "on-demand," so feel free to make a request!

Seminar class spots can be purchased as part of a training package or on their own (some restrictions apply).

Puppy Ownership 101
This group of seminars is for anyone planning on getting a puppy, new owners of puppies, as well as a refresher course for all those "seasoned" puppies owners in puppy classes. We cover all those important puppy topics such as house-breaking, stopping mouthing and biting, basic grooming issues, food selection, kennel-training, and preventing separation anxiety (a.k.a. leaving puppy alone). Each topic is covered in a single session (see our calendar for the scheduled topics).

Reading Canine Signals
Does your dog lick his lips? He may not be hungry. Does your dog yawn in the bathtub? She probably isn't tired. In this seminar we cover canine "calming signals" or dog communication. Calming signals are used to diffuse tension and resolved conflict between dogs without the use of physical force. We look at photos and videos, and discuss what signals dogs are displaying to reduce tension and stress in particular situations. Because dogs are non-verbal communicators, knowing what these signals look like helps you understand and communicate with your dog (and other dogs) better.

Let's Be Friends!: How to Greet Dogs (Kids and Dogs Program)
Understanding how to greet a dog is a vital skill for everyone, but particularly important for children. Dog bites are a real concern, but knowing how to interact with dogs is one of the best ways to be safe. In this seminar we look at slides and discuss the best (and worst) ways to meet dogs. All participants are given a colour hand-out to put in a visible location in the house so that everyone can remember what was discussed. This seminar is also great for people that are nervous around dogs.

Introduction to Clicker Training
So what is the big deal about that funny little noise maker? Is it really a magic training device? How do I use one? Everyone that comes to Click It Right! learns the basics of clicker training, but sometimes we need to know more. We cover the some of the basic history of clicker training, why it works, why we use a clicker, what rewards we use in clicker training, how we use a clicker, and address some of the common misconceptions about clicker training (this is a great seminar to take in conjunction with the seminar on timing!)

It's All In The Timing!: Seminar and Workshop
If you've been using your clicker, but not having the results you want, working on your timing will help! In this seminar we discuss the importance of timing in clicker training and work on some timing exercises together.

Sound Making Buddies: How to Handle Barking
Barking is a normal thing for dogs and an annoying thing for your neighbours. In this seminar we discuss the common causes of barking, the common mistakes made in trying to stop barking, and give a training plan to work on limiting barking.

Other seminars available

  • The Urban Dog: In Theory
  • Where Did You Go?: Preventing and Dealing With Separation Anxiety
  • The Science Of It All: The science behind clicker training
  • 3,2,1, Lift-Off: Jumping and Lunging Primer

Want something you don't see here?
We're always working on new topics for seminars and many of those ideas come from clients. If have a topic you'd love to learn more about, drop us an email and we will be happy to chat about creating a new seminar!

Seminars for Clubs and Groups
Many of our seminar topics are available as afternoon or full-day seminars and workshops for clubs and groups. If your organization is interested in hosting a seminar, just contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your ideas. We offer special rates for rescue groups that host Click It Right! seminars.

Some kind words from past seminar attendees

We have a lot of fun at seminars, in addition to learning, and it is always great to hear from the fabulous people that have attended a seminar (or two).

"We had a great time at the puppy-primer seminar! Thank you so much for making this seminar. As someone who has had dogs before, I didn't think it would be something I needed. Melissa's enthusiasm got me though and I signed up. It was a great decision! I never thought about how to do things with a puppy to prevent seperation anxiety or all the ways I can keep my puppy busy. Thank you Melissa!"
Jean and Comox

"Just a quick note to say how much we both enjoyed the seminars we attended. The calming signals seminar was so informative and helpful in understanding dogs. The barking seminar was also great and we're starting to get great results with the methods (we remember that you said patience is key)."
Alana, Jim, Star, and Beni

"Thanks Melissa: The seminar was great. I was a little nervous thinking there was a lot of science stuff (having been too many seminars re: this stuff and thinking I would never learn) but all the feedback was so positive. Hunter and I are using the clicker every day and he likes it. He does not like to make mistakes so keeps trying until he gets the click, which makes him very happy. Have been checking out videos and working on different moves so looking forward to the ones you have sent here."

"And thank you for today's excellent workshop. Nice to have someone present the reasoning behind the training. Helps a lot I think. Really enjoyed the day - and so did Jake."

"Great seminar! A couple of times there, I caught myself leaning forward as if to get closer to hear every single word. The woman is a training maniac."

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We're on a break...
Jan 1, 2012
We're not "breaking up" with our fabulous clients, but rather taking a much needed break to work on exciting new plans! We hope everyone has a rejuvenating mid-winter and we look forward to tons of training fun soon.

New Blog Post
Nov 11th, 2011
We've finally found time to write something! Check it out on our blog

November Schedule Is Up!
Nov 7th, 2011
Basic Manners and Useful Dog Class registration is now open. Get some training in before the holidays (and impress your guests!).

November Schedule Is Up!
Oct 15th, 2011
We've posted the dates for Victoria (View Royal) classes! Check out the details on the classes and lessons page. If you are looking for small-sized clicker classes, email or call us to register. We're keeping these classes small, so space will be limited.

New Classes in Victoria
Oct 1st, 2011
Classes begin in Victoria in November! Details will be released soon. If you are looking for small-sized clicker classes, email or call us.

New Classes in Sooke
Aug 1st, 2011
Sooke classes begin again on Saturday, August 13th! We are starting another session of core classes in Sooke as well as offering some new exciting labs. This session we're offering Junior Puppy Class, Basic Manners/Level One, Great Dogs/Level Two, and two new labs: Rally Signs and The Useful Dog. See our Classes & Lessons for details on these classes. Contact Posh Paws Spa for details and to register: 250.642.2280.

Seminar News
Jul 14th, 2011
We will be scheduling seminars for both the Victoria area and Sooke shortly! If there is a seminar you're interested in, drop us an email and let us know.

And we're up!
Jun 22nd, 2011
Welcome to the new and improved Click It Right! website. We're still adding content as well as working on getting our online registration and calendar up and running. Online registration and scheduling will be available to our Victoria clients soon!

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