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Online Resources

Progressive Reinforcement
First and foremost: an explanation of progressive reinforcement on Emily Larlham's page (yes, her site is linked below as well). At Click It Right! we strongly believe in and promote progressive reinforcement.

Kay Laurence's Learning About Dogs
Kay Laurence's books and site are invaluable rescources for anyone with a dog. Her work on reinforcement is something everyone should take the time to read.

Emily Larlham's Dogmantics
Emily Larlham (often known as "kikopup" online) has made tons of free how-to videos for Youtube. She is committed to furthering progressive reinforcement and making the lives of both people and pets better. A "must visit" site.

Melissa Alexander's Clicker Solutions
Melissa Alexander's Clicker Solutions is a fabulous resource worth checking out. The yahoo list connected to Clicker Solutions is a great place to learn a lot and ask questions.

Pam's Dog Academy
Pamela Johnson's great site with links to her Youtube videos. Another fabulous progressive reinforcement trainer committed to dogs and people.

Karen Pryor Clicker Training
Karen Pryor's site complete with free articles and videos, details about Clicker Expos, and the online store. Karen Pryor is a pioneer in clicker training and her books are definitely "must reads."

Patricia McConnell's Blog
Patricia McConnell's great blog on positive training. Her writing on the issues she has faced with her own dogs is wonderful.

Jean Donaldson's Blog
Jean Donaldson is another pioneer in the dog training world. Her work on dispelling the myths of using dominance in dog training are a must read!

+R/-P Dog Resource WebPage
This site features many articles, research papers, and videos. This site does focus on the science end of things and is a great place to learn.

A fabulous place to get all your dog-related books.


Don't Shoot The Dog. Karen Pryor.
Reaching The Animal Mind. Karen Pryor.
The Other End of the Leash. Patricia McConnell.
Control Unleashed. Leslie McDevit
Animal Training: Successful Animal Management Through Positive Reinforcement. Ken Ramirez
The Culture Clash. Jean Donaldson.
On Talking Terms With Dogs. Turid Rugis
Click for Joy. Melissa Alexander
Brain Games For Dogs. Claire Arrowsmith.
Click to Calm. Emma Parsons.
Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide. Brenda Aloff

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We're on a break...
Jan 1, 2012
We're not "breaking up" with our fabulous clients, but rather taking a much needed break to work on exciting new plans! We hope everyone has a rejuvenating mid-winter and we look forward to tons of training fun soon.

New Blog Post
Nov 11th, 2011
We've finally found time to write something! Check it out on our blog

November Schedule Is Up!
Nov 7th, 2011
Basic Manners and Useful Dog Class registration is now open. Get some training in before the holidays (and impress your guests!).

November Schedule Is Up!
Oct 15th, 2011
We've posted the dates for Victoria (View Royal) classes! Check out the details on the classes and lessons page. If you are looking for small-sized clicker classes, email or call us to register. We're keeping these classes small, so space will be limited.

New Classes in Victoria
Oct 1st, 2011
Classes begin in Victoria in November! Details will be released soon. If you are looking for small-sized clicker classes, email or call us.

New Classes in Sooke
Aug 1st, 2011
Sooke classes begin again on Saturday, August 13th! We are starting another session of core classes in Sooke as well as offering some new exciting labs. This session we're offering Junior Puppy Class, Basic Manners/Level One, Great Dogs/Level Two, and two new labs: Rally Signs and The Useful Dog. See our Classes & Lessons for details on these classes. Contact Posh Paws Spa for details and to register: 250.642.2280.

Seminar News
Jul 14th, 2011
We will be scheduling seminars for both the Victoria area and Sooke shortly! If there is a seminar you're interested in, drop us an email and let us know.

And we're up!
Jun 22nd, 2011
Welcome to the new and improved Click It Right! website. We're still adding content as well as working on getting our online registration and calendar up and running. Online registration and scheduling will be available to our Victoria clients soon!

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