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Victoria classes begin in November! Please email or call for details or to reserve your spot.

Classes in View Royal (Victoria)
Location: Your Pet Pals, unit 4A - 100 Aldersmith Place (between the new Rexall Pharmacy and Thrifty Foods on Admirals).

  • Basic Manners: November 16th @ 7pm
  • The Useful Dog: November 16th @ 8pm

Note: Click It Right! students may purchase items from the store prior to or directly following class.

Rally Signs and seminar dates will be announced soon!


At Click It Right! Dog Training we offer a variety of classes to suit all levels and shapes of dogs, whether your goal is a good canine citizen or an obedience trial champion. We have created a unique program of core classes, which are hour-long general classes, and lab classes, which are 30 minute, themed classes, as well as a variety of seminar classes. We are always striving to have fun with training and be inclusive. We also are strong believers in supporting rescue efforts. If you are part of a rescue organization or have recently rescued a dog, please see our special rescue rates. If you have any questions about classes, please email us! All classes are limited to no more than six dogs (sometimes less) so that you and your dog get individual attention as well as the benefit of being around other dogs.

Classes listed as ongoing have no specific beginning or ending. Instead, you register for the class and immediately begin the class. No waiting for the next session to begin! Everyone works at his or her own level and speed, so you do not have to worry about joining a class "late". Also, ongoing classes offer the flexibility of attending the dates that work best for you.

Everyone starts with an orientation session with Melissa. Here you get to meet your trainer, talk about your dog and your training goals, learn the basics of Click It Right! methods, and receive your information package. Orientations are ongoing, so just email for an appointment.

Core Classes
Core classes are 6, one-hour classes and are structured around your dog's skills and your training needs.

Junior Puppy Class (8 to 16 weeks)
We are currently not offering Junior Puppy as we are still looking for an appropriate location in Victoria.

If you've just adopted a new baby puppy, this is the class for you! There is a critical socialization and learning window between 8 to 16 weeks in which puppies learn so much. Our puppy classes are aimed at socialization and exposing your puppy to many new things in a positive way to give him or her the best foundation for life. In puppy class your new family member gets time to socialize with other dogs and gets a chance to begin learning some basic life skills. In addition to vital socialization, puppy class involves teaching some foundation behaviours such as focus, impulse control, sit, down, targeting, some beginner tricks, and loose-leash walking. Our main goal in Junior Puppy Class is to work on socialization with different dogs and people.

Basic Manners / Level One (Dogs Over 6 Months of Age)
Our Basic Manners class is geared towards teaching dogs how to be good canine citizens. We work on foundation behaviours such as focus and attention, walking on a loose-leash, sit and down, recalls, greeting strangers, settling on a mat, keeping all four feet on the floor, targeting, and playing tug. We also cover a few fun tricks for showing off to friends. The goal of this class is to work on all those basic things every dog needs to know to be a well-adjusted, happy dog.

Great Dogs / Level Two (Puppy Graduates, Basic Manners Graduates, Dogs with some previous training)
In Great Dogs we build on the foundations laid in earlier classes and teach new skills. We work on attention and focus, impulse control, and obedience. Great Dogs is where we begin to work on off-leash exercises, stays with distractions and duration, and more extensive loose-leash walking / heeling (of course, there are always a few tricks taught as well). This class is for those that want to keep working on training and socialization past the Basic Manners Class. Great Dogs is an on-going class.

Performance Foundations (Dogs evaluated by instructor)
If you want to play in some of those fun dog sports out there, this is the class for you! In this class we focus on skills that are vital for a variety of dog sports. We work on conditioning through balance training and stretching, teach solid impulse control, socialization and de-sensitization, body awareness, advanced targeting, crate work, and confidence. Performance foundations is a great class on its own, even if you don't ever intend to compete, as well as being a perfect match for one of our event specific labs (e.g., Rally-O, Freestyle, Tricks). Performance Foundations is an on-going class.

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Lab Classes
Labs are unique to Click It Right! Dog Training. They are shorter, 30-minute focused classes. They are typically taken alongside one of the core courses, although they can be taken on their own with the approval of the instructor. All our labs are ongoing classes, which means you can start at any time.

Rally Signs
Rally-O (Rally Obedience) is a great way to begin competitions in a fun way. It is a fun sport that blends formal obedience with the fast-paced movement of agility. Dog-handler teams move quickly through a course, completing numbered exercises. Best of all, unlike formal obedience competitions, you can talk to your dog the whole time! In this lab we focus on learning the individual exercises. Each class we focus on a few signs and practice them. Once you and your dog are comfortable with the signs, you are ready to work on a full course (we offer Mat-time for those looking to practice full courses).

The Useful Dog: Teaching Your Dog Useful Tasks
This lab is for everyone that has been amazed by an assistance dog or those movie dogs that seem to do amazing tasks. We'll be teaching fun stuff like closing doors (for when your hands are full), fetching a tissue when you sneeze, getting the phone, and so much more! This is a popular lab for a variety of reasons, but most importantly it gives your dog a job to do - something all dogs enjoy.

Freestyle 101
Heeling to music, dancing with dogs, freestyle... it is known by many names. If you like music, tricks, and playing with your dog, Freestyle is a perfect place for you! In this lab we work on training individual Freestyle moves such as whirl, weave, crawl, etc. Freestyle is a great way to have fun with your dog, and, if you are interested, there are a variety of organizations that offer titles, including a club that allows entries via video submission.

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Prices and Packages

We offer both individual pricing as well as package deals so there is an option for everyone.

A la carte pricing:
Core Classes $140
Lab Classes $ 74
Seminar Classes $ 24
Clickers $4

Package Pricing:
Basic Package $174
1 Core Class
3 Seminar Classes
1 Clicker

Advanced Package $234
1 Core Class
1 Lab Class
3 Seminar Classes
1 Advanced Training Kit

Expert Package $344
1 Core Class
2 Lab Classes
5 Seminar Classes
1 Expert Training Kit

Training Kits
Both our Advanced and Expert Packages come with training kits, but you can also purchase a training kit seperately. The kits included in packages always have a little something special that isn't included in any other kit, but the Basic Training kit includes what you will need for your first class.

Specials for Rescue Groups and Recently Adopted Rescues
Click It Right! Dog Training strongly believes in supporting rescue groups. If you are affiliated with a rescue group, please email us for special rates and offers. We reserve a spot in our core classes for a rescue that is currently being fostered - free of charge! We know that trained dogs are easier to adopt out. If you have recently rescued a dog, we have special rates for your new forever friend.
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Preparing for class

Having a great experience at training classes often relies on some preparation. First, you want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You want to be thinking about your dog rather than worrying about fashion. Second, you want to your dog to be comfortable. We do work on a lot of exercises to help our canine friends be calm and happy at class, but having pottied and exercised your dog is just as important. Third, you want to bring all the things necessary for training class: treats, a clicker, a six foot leash, a collar or harness (no chain or prong collars), water, a bowl, and a mat are just a few things you'll need for class. We've created training packages a.k.a. "the trainer's bag" to help carry and keep all your things together. You can purchase these as part of our package deals or buy one separately. Of course, you can also build your own trainer bag (you'll always be adding to it). We've complied a list of things that would be best to always have for class in your bag:

  • Clicker (or two)
  • Treats: bringing an assortment of treats is vital for most dogs, so pack both those store-bought treats along with some real meat and cheese (or whatever your dog absolutely loves)
  • Six-foot leash: one that is comfortable for you to hold
  • A collar or harness: Your dog should be wearing a flat, buckle collar, a soft, well-fitted martingale collar, or a harness (EZ Walk or Sensible are what we recommend as they attach in the front to help prevent pulling)
  • A mat: You want to find a washable mat for use in class that is easy to transport (you can use a flat bed, a blanket, towel, bathroom mat... whatever is comfortable for your dog to lay on)
  • Water and a bowl
  • A toy (or two): get a toy your dog really loves. Some dogs like tug toys; some like squeaky toys - just find something your dog likes to play with
  • Clean-up bags
You will collect many things as your training time continues, such as a bait bag, targets, and bells, but these are the things we use in every class. The most important thing you can bring to class is a positive attitude - it will take you far!

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Private Lessons

Melissa is available for private lessons on a per case basis. She has had great success working with small dogs, fearful or reactive dogs, as well as in-home issues such as barking and house-breaking difficulties. Additionally, Melissa always enjoys working with people that are prepping for dog competitions (Rally, conformation, obedience, etc.).

The cost of private lessons depends on the training and / or behavioural issue. Please email us for a quote.
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Click It Right! Dog Training has a few policies that we feel are very important.

When first registering for a class, we ask that all clients confirm their pets have a proof of immunity.

We request that you do not use choke / chain / correction collars, ecollars / shock collars, or prong collars.

Please be sure to always clean up after your dog. If we are training inside, someone will be happy to help hold your dog while you clean up. If we are outdoors, be sure to pick up after your dog and find an appropriate trash receptacle.

After orientation has been completed, refunds will not be issued (extenuating circumstances will be considered).

Any classes that fall on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday of a long weekend will be canceled and resumed the following week.

Unless we are specifically working on socialization or off-leash exercises, please keep your dog on leash, safely by your side. Some dogs in class may be nervous or fearful and we want to be sure everyone feels safe and has a good time.
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Nov 7th, 2011
Basic Manners and Useful Dog Class registration is now open. Get some training in before the holidays (and impress your guests!).

November Schedule Is Up!
Oct 15th, 2011
We've posted the dates for Victoria (View Royal) classes! Check out the details on the classes and lessons page. If you are looking for small-sized clicker classes, email or call us to register. We're keeping these classes small, so space will be limited.

New Classes in Victoria
Oct 1st, 2011
Classes begin in Victoria in November! Details will be released soon. If you are looking for small-sized clicker classes, email or call us.

New Classes in Sooke
Aug 1st, 2011
Sooke classes begin again on Saturday, August 13th! We are starting another session of core classes in Sooke as well as offering some new exciting labs. This session we're offering Junior Puppy Class, Basic Manners/Level One, Great Dogs/Level Two, and two new labs: Rally Signs and The Useful Dog. See our Classes & Lessons for details on these classes. Contact Posh Paws Spa for details and to register: 250.642.2280.

Seminar News
Jul 14th, 2011
We will be scheduling seminars for both the Victoria area and Sooke shortly! If there is a seminar you're interested in, drop us an email and let us know.

And we're up!
Jun 22nd, 2011
Welcome to the new and improved Click It Right! website. We're still adding content as well as working on getting our online registration and calendar up and running. Online registration and scheduling will be available to our Victoria clients soon!

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