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Click It Right! Dog Training 101

Force-free, science-based, humane, and most importantly, fun dog training - that is what we do at Click It Right! Dog Training. We welcome all sizes and shapes of dogs, and people too. We focus on positive ways of training your dog so that you both learn and have a good time. Because our classes are run with a focus on flexibility and a low-stress experience, we keep classes small and offer a modular-based system with core classes, half-hour labs, and seminars - many of our classes are "ongoing classes" which allows you and your dog to work at your own pace. Above all, we want you and your dog to have a positive experience.

What makes us different?

First, we believe every dog and human team is different. Although we all have similar goals, from having a reliable recall to a dog that is comfortable in any environment, how you and your dog get there will be different than other teams. We have developed a modular-based system that allows you to decide what is important in your training program as well as offering flexibility in how you get there.

Second, we have a strong focus on understanding dogs. In addition to learning cues and behaviours, we also teach our students about canine body-language. Because you're a dog owner, knowing what your dog is feeling is important. Moreover, knowing what other dogs are signaling will help you keep both you and your dog safe and happy throughout for a lifetime.

Third, we're all about having fun without using force. In our classes, we reward the good and redirect unwanted behaviours in a positive manner. We are proponents of progressive reinforcement, a term coined by Emily Larlham, which is based on science and informed by ethics. Emily defines progressive reinforcement as "Teaching animals by rewarding desired behaviors and excluding the intentional use of physical or psychological intimidation. A type of animal training exists that involves no forms of intimidation, confrontation, violence, reprimands, or domination." To learn more about progressive reinforcement, please visit the progressive reinforcement manifesto page.

Ultimately, this is a long-winded way of saying we focus on pain-free, fun training classes for both you and your dog!

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A little about Melissa

Melissa Bachynski, M.A., has been working with dogs for over 17 years. She began her training career in Winnipeg, Manitoba teaching a variety of classes at Healtherlea Canine Education Center. Sometime in her mid-twenties she developed an interest in clicker training and positive reinforcement methods used by trainers such as Bob Bailey and Karen Pryor. She decided an academic career would not only be interesting, but would also give her the opportunity to learn the newest methods and theories used to train and discuss dogs. Her graduate work has focused on the human-dog relation in literature with a primary interest in the expectations and depictions of dogs throughout history and how those expectations affect dog ownership in the modern world. Her graduate interests, of course, also included canine behavioral science. But knowledge doesn't end with a degree (or two) and Melissa is committed to constantly learning and researching by attending conferences, being part of positive training communities, and working with a variety of dogs and people.

Melissa has taught a variety of classes over the years as well as spent much time working one-on-one with clients experiencing everything from "problem behaviours" to preparation for a competitive dog career. Her interest is always in helping the owner understand their dog and giving them the tools for a positive dog-owning experience. Melissa uses progressive reinforcement training and loves nothing more than the moment something "clicks" and an owner or dog, preferably both, learns something new.

Melissa currently shares her life with her husband, a "seasoned" deaf Boston Terrier, and three cats (all of whom are "clicker trained"... including the husband ;).

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Some kind words from clients

Every single student is important and we're more than touched when someone takes the time to write us and let us know they enjoyed their training. We want to share a few special notes.

Deanna deBlois
"Melissa inspires me to be the best dog owner and trainer I can be. I have know Melissa at Click It Right! Dog Training for a number of years as a trainer and a friend and would not hesitate to highly recommend her if you want someone who really understands dogs and the dog-human relationship. She is an outstanding communicator herself, so instructs in a very professional and effective way, great with dogs but also extremely patient with people.

Melissa has a wonderful ability to read a dog so she knows the best approach to take at that moment. She is creative in her problem-solving and always positive and gentle. My dogs love her to bits and I always have a great time when we train with her. She is very good at bringing a fresh perspective to an old problem, helping us to find success.

I consider the dog world lucky to have Melissa, with her background she could have chosen many different fields. The fact that she has dedicated herself to this work clearly shows a deep love and compassion for dogs and the people that care for them."

Deanna deBlois
Islandview Brittanys

Jim, Cassie, and Beeper
"We wanted to write to thank you for all your help with Beeper. We were ready to give up on ever training him and let him just live in the back yard. He was so scared all the time and it broke our hearts to see him shake and cringe. Thankfully we happened to find you. We have been working very hard and with Melissa's patience and assistance Beeper went for his first walk last Sunday and wagged his tail. We will never know what happened to him before he came into our lives, but Jim and I weren't the only ones to save Beeper: Melissa was very much a part of his rescue as well. Thank you so very much Melissa!"

Jim, Cassie, and most importantly Beeper

Anna and Shylo
"My name is Anna Campbell. 18 months ago I acquired a Pyrenees. My Bullmastiff Aberdeen had passed away and I was very lonely. Shylo came to me via the wonders of the Internet. I was her sixth home. She had never lived in a home and was relatively unused to the leash. She was 67lbs (half her weight) and very sad, shackle marks on her rear leg indicated a probable life of abuse. When I first met Melissa, I was instantly taken by the idea that she was the key to discovering how to finally communicate with Shylo. I had previously always felt that I was 'missing' a link. I had provided Shylo with a loving home, I invented ingenious ways to get her to eat and so she gained weight, but I felt that I was speaking a foreign language to this poor dog who suffered through with me none the less! When we started the basic manners course, Shylo quivered and shook through the entire class. Melissa was extremely helpful, in fact a lifesaver in coaching me with new ideas and what roads not to go down. Within a couple of classes Shylo started watching intently what the other dogs were doing. Even though in some things we could not participate, especially off leash, Melissa adapted the classes for us and I cannot speak highly enough of her compassion, her passion for all dogs, her gentle handling of my dog and especially me as I really had no idea how this would be for my dog. I was also cognizant of the fact that Shylo needed this lifeline and I wanted so badly to help her succeed with what I believe to be many hurdles in her then fragile makeup. Shylo is not the same dog today and we are really looking forward to participating in the up and coming level two class....Thank you so much Melissa."

From Shylo and her person.

Sandy and Sam
"I am writing to thank you for the training we received at you Basic Manners Level 1 Clicker Class in Sooke. At first I was not certain of the value of Click It Right/rewards program but after 8 sessions I truly see the value. My dog loves food and being rewarded with food for doing a task correctly was perfect for Sam. I have two Golden Doodles, Sam 12 months and Sophie who is 10 months older. Because I felt it would be too hard to bring both to the class I decided on taking Sam, the younger of the two and most balanced. I would practice every day with both of them so they both received the same message. I take my dogs out for exercise for at least 2 hours a day and when I do, I get the most wonderful comments from friends and strangers alike on how well behaved they are. One lady with a very large 8-month-old puppy keeps telling me that she wants her dog to be well behaved like Sam and Sophie. Needless to say I passed on the information about the classes. I plan on attending more of the classes and look forward to them.

Melissa, thank you so much for your patience with us and for sharing your knowledge. It was most helpful and lots of fun."

Sandy Jarvis and Sam
Sooke, BC

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November Schedule Is Up!
Oct 15th, 2011
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New Classes in Victoria
Oct 1st, 2011
Classes begin in Victoria in November! Details will be released soon. If you are looking for small-sized clicker classes, email or call us.

New Classes in Sooke
Aug 1st, 2011
Sooke classes begin again on Saturday, August 13th! We are starting another session of core classes in Sooke as well as offering some new exciting labs. This session we're offering Junior Puppy Class, Basic Manners/Level One, Great Dogs/Level Two, and two new labs: Rally Signs and The Useful Dog. See our Classes & Lessons for details on these classes. Contact Posh Paws Spa for details and to register: 250.642.2280.

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We will be scheduling seminars for both the Victoria area and Sooke shortly! If there is a seminar you're interested in, drop us an email and let us know.

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Welcome to the new and improved Click It Right! website. We're still adding content as well as working on getting our online registration and calendar up and running. Online registration and scheduling will be available to our Victoria clients soon!